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Huddle Space Booths

The Solution to open plan offices 

Huddle Rooms

In the last few years, a lot of companies have turned to open floor plan office designs in the hope it will lead to more collaboration and create a better work environment.

 What has happened is noisier and less productive offices, so a need has arisen for spaces people can use to collaborate with less noise and distraction. 

This is where well-equipped huddle rooms are seeing a massive growth.

Bespoke Qube Huddle booths

The Qube Huddle / Collaboration room is a small meeting space, designed to give up to five people a place to meet and focus.

The equipment our clients tend to install in these spaces include:

Video conferencing solutions, with a monitor and small central table.

Options to add white boards and sound proofing are available.

We design and build custom Qube Huddle booths to your exact requirements.

These are built in sectional panels, with options to make them with fixed soft seat benches or chairs.

Designed to easily incorporate your AV requirements, the Qube has built in cable routing and access throughout, allowing for AV Equipment to be placed and routed anywhere within the booth, this not only gives you clean lines but ensures no unsightly cables or unauthorised access.

A NEW twist to the booths is that we can supply them with chairs instead of fixed benches, this gives each user the ability to sit as close to the table as they want and in any position, which will give the user a more comfortable experience.

Huddle rooms give an intimate space for people to be removed from the noise and distraction of the open plan office.                   

Our Huddle rooms have options to add additional sound reduction using the Acoustica range of Acoustic sound proofing solutions, adding sound dampening panels to the internal walls of the booth and a lattice top which further decreases noise levels further.          (shown left) 

Huddle rooms help you make the most of your office space, by adding these rooms to an open office space its gives you a more flexible approach as the rooms are small spaces that can be easily installed through out the office. 

More and more companies look for office space that can accommodate huddle rooms as they see these spaces as a valuable asset to get the best from their staff. 

Built from MDF panels, the booths can be manufactured in a wide range of melamine and laminate finishes.                                                       Huddle rooms are ideal for video conferencing, business webinars,  job interviews and presentations.

Call or email us to discuss your requirements 

Quadra AV Furniture supply soft seating booths


These are 2 seat and 3 seat sofa style booths are available in a large colour fabric range.

We can also manufacture a bespoke media wall between the 2 booths to house a monitor and AV connections, this will also have a table connected for those wanting a small meeting / break out area.

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